AlpInvest Partners' Co-Investments team seeks to align its decision making process with the requirements of general partners.
Co-Investments : Investment Process
The Co-Investments team seeks to be efficient and transparent throughout the transaction process. As a flexible partner to general partners and mezzanine lead investors, the team aims to accelerate decision making and ensure consistency by involving key decision makers early in the process.
The Co-Investments team will discuss opportunities directly with general partners or mezzanine lead investors. Based on these discussions and an initial review, the team will generally quickly inform the general partners or lead investors whether it will move forward or not.
The Co-Investments team will immediately form a dedicated transaction team of 2 - 4 investment professionals.
AlpInvest Partners diligently and confidentially reviews the information provided by the general partner or the lead investor, and the team will share real time feedback with the general partner or mezzanine lead investor on the level of interest and potential issues throughout this stage of the process.
All decisions are made by AlpInvest Partners' independent investment committee. If the issues raised earlier in the process are mitigated, the deal can be approved.
The Co-Investments team utilizes in-house counsel to help streamline the documentation process and ensure timely funding and close of the transaction.
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