AlpInvest Partners approaches each secondary transaction as a unique situation.
Secondary Investments : Transaction Process
Secondary transactions vary in their complexity. Throughout the transaction process, the Secondary Investments team remains flexible in order to try to anticipate any obstacles and to craft solutions around them. Below are the key steps consistent across most transactions:
The Secondary Investments team is interested in discussing all potential opportunities, regardless of their size or complexity. The team can either move forward quickly or provide references to other firms.
The Secondary Investments team diligently reviews all portfolio-related documents and leverages AlpInvest Partners' extensive in-house information to assess the opportunity. All information received is kept strictly confidential.
The Secondary Investments team commits significant resources to the transaction process. We believe that this approach allows AlpInvest Partners to provide an indication of interest that is both reliable and consistent with the existing investor's time-line and objectives.
Assuming AlpInvest Partners' indicative offer is acceptable, the Secondary Investments team will commit to a final price and structure that helps to meet the existing investors' objectives.
A purchase and sale agreement is executed between the parties. The Secondary Investments team works closely with the existing investor and counsel to quickly identify and resolve any legal and tax issues.
The Secondary Investments team is skilled in navigating the transfer process and draws upon the relationships of the entire AlpInvest Partners’ platform to help reduce potential challenges in the closing process. Closing can typically be achieved within 6 to 12 weeks from first contact, depending on the complexity of the transaction.
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